Gypsy Haircut Technique: 5 Things You Need to Know

LifeStyle This gypsy haircut technique gained popularity many years back in the 1970s when women wanted a hairstyle that will make them look a bit shabby and messy. It was loved by the younger generation as they found it to be cool and it reflected their carefree attitude very well.

site de rencontre ado 12 ans This hairstyle is still around with many new features. It suits all faces and can be had for any length of hair – whether short, long and medium. It is your preference if you would like to adopt a refined approach or a bohemian one. It is the best hairstyle for you if you have thick hair. You can go for many or few layers according to the length of your hair and of course your choice. The number of layers actually determines the shag in this gypsy shag haircut. While few layers mean easy-to-maintain and style, more layers give a much better look. You can really look messy or you can also look very chic and modern in this haircut. It only depends on how you carry the style on you.

see Gypsy haircut is primarily meant for people with thick hair, but if you are the one with thin hair then you need not be disheartened. You can add loads of volume to your otherwise thin hair in this style. All you need is one basic round brush and a blow dryer. Simply blow dry your hair while rolling them on round brush for few minutes to add the desired amount of volume. If you don’t even have a brush then blowing the hair upside down will do the trick.

see The other way to get the illusion of volume in this haircut is to add chunks of colour. Making judicious use of lowlights and highlights add volume to otherwise limp thin hair. Highlighting can also be used to get a more daring look if you use some bold shades. This hairstyle is all about being wild, carefree type of personality and so there is absolutely no need to apply highlights paying attention to roots. You can go for streaks in different hues too and this style is such that everything blends in it perfectly.

follow site You can go for streaks in different hues too and this style is such that everything blends in it perfectly. You may also want to check out our posts on hairstyles for lehenga, and hairstyle for brides in indian wedding.